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Digital Dailies / Mungo


During the film production our expirenced colorist and editorial team provides dailies services that help the directors and DoPs to establish a look for the production.

We offer an extensive set of tools and workflows that not only give you the creative choices for your production, but also takes care of secure backups, delivers the transcoded files to the editorial, generates checksums and QC reports, appends all necessary metadata and streams the dailies directly to your production team via our Mungo platform.

Depending on your needs dailies will be graded on our Daylight systems by a colorist and matched to the previous shooting days, or will get a simple LUT based grade applied. These grades can later be used as a starting point for the final grade.

Our Mungo platform allows the review of all dailies over the production time anywhere you have internet access. Not only does this allow you to review the performace of the actors, but it is a great tool to make sure the look of a scene matches over the course of the shoot.

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